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Global BDN, The Global Business Development Network

Global BDN provides unique Commercial Services to companies worldwide with the goal to generate sales and revenue growth and create new business opportunities.

Our Services include; finding new customers, negotiating & closing deals, advising on commercial stategy and opening up new (international) markets, by our Team or (specialized and local) Partners from our large & unique Global Network.

Global BDN hosts The Global Business Development Network (also an online community on LinkedIn) with members from over 50 nationalities and Global BDN organizes International Business Networking Events on location.

Summarizing Global BDN consists of 3 elements:

  1. Global BDN - Business
    Our Core: the Commercial Business Services we provide to companies
  2. Global BDN - Network
    Our Network with thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs
  3. Global BDN - Events
    Our inspiring, live International Networking Events

Global BDN – Business

Global BDN provides unique and flexible Commercial Services to boost your sales, launch new products and obtain sustainable revenue growth.

A summary of the Business Services we provide:

  • Business Development
    We discover new business & markets, and close the deals
  • Introducing New Product and Services
    We excel in launch new products and innovations, we create the strategy and execute the 'go-to-market' process for our customers
  • Acquisition & Sales
    We find key prospects and deliver signed contracts
  • Connecting & Contracting
    We connect and arrange introductions to the best partners globally
  • Innovative Business Models
    We implement new models such as Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
  • Commercial Strategy
    We assist with any commercial challenge and launch of new products

Global BDN always commits to deliver clear, tangible and concrete results.

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Global BDN – Network

The online Global Business Development Network group on LinkedIn was founded with the intention to bring together the best people in the area of International Business Development and thousands of members from over 50 different countries.

Global BDN – Connecting the dots…
An experienced team of handpicked executives and prodessionals will ‘connect the dots’ for clients by using its market specific knowlegde and expertise or a local (industry or region specific) network.

To join The Global Business Development Network on LinkedIn click HERE

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Global BDN – Events

The live Global BDN Events are founded to inspire and bring together local and International entrepreneurs and professionals to network, share experiences and create business opportunities.

The Global BDN Events are unique due to the great atmosphere, mix of divers but likeminded of people from all nationalities and industries, and our inspiring guest speakers and relevant themes.

The Global BDN - Amsterdam Event was founded in 2008. In the future Global BDN intends on expanding the Network Event Concepts into different Chapters globally, such as the US, India and China.

To join our our Events click HERE

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